Why A Professional Pest Control Company Is Best For Borer Treatment?

Borer treatment Auckland can be quite an overwhelming job, especially when dealing with woody borers. This pest is very resistant to other methods of pest control, even for the most experienced pest controllers. This makes wood borers one of the most stubborn pests to rid your home of.

Wood Borers, also known as Pachycondylus spp., is tiny ants that can easily penetrate and feed on any type of wood. Borer pest control can be tricky and only be done by highly specialized pest control experts. The first treatment will involve the removal of any existing wood or carpeting in your home. Each treatment will be priced differently and is evaluated by a professional pest controller to recommend an appropriate, and cost effective treatment.

This pest is commonly found on interior walls, doors, ceilings, floors, and all other places where there is wood. They do not bite or sting; they simply move into any crevice they can find. They are small, about two inches long, so it’s easy for them to enter a home or building through an opening. Their nest is a hollowed out tree trunk, but it may also be a crack in a wall, a crevice between floors, or even a wooden door frame. As they crawl around, they may become stuck somewhere that they cannot get out of.

When borer pests are discovered, an inspector or borer treatment Auckland company will perform an inspection to see what needs to be done. They will carefully examine the area to determine whether or not it is safe to proceed with a treatment plan. After determining that a treatment plan is warranted, they will contact an exterminator to come and perform the treatment process.

Most pest management companies recommend using chemical treatments for the extermination of wood borers. These chemicals are usually effective in eliminating the colony, but not the individual insects themselves. There are several types of chemicals available including liquids, powders, dusts, powders, foggers, dusters, and sprays. Each treatment uses a different approach to eliminate the wood borers.

Most often, it is recommended that the treatment be performed by a professional as most of these products have some sort of flotation device attached to them. This prevents the spread of the chemical around the home and other places in the home, making it more difficult for a person to inhale or ingest the solution. Once the pest is killed, the residual solution is poured or sprayed onto the affected area to kill all of the remaining wood borers within the perimeter of the treatment area.

Once the treatment process is complete, any additional wood or carpeting in the affected area will need to be treated as well, especially if the wood borers were previously infested. Professional pest control companies are trained in the proper techniques of the treatment process as well as how to prevent reinfestation by using other methods such as baits, traps, and repellents.

Wood borers can cause a lot of damage to wood flooring and ceilings and can even result in serious structural damage to wood. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the structure of the home and cause significant structural damage to the structure of the house, if not properly dealt with. If you notice the damage, it is important to immediately contact a qualified borer treatment Auckland company for advice and a treatment plan. Borer treatment Auckland are designed to help restore your home’s integrity and protect it from future infestations.

A pest treatment plan will require the company to test your home for infestation before a treatment plan is made. It will also test the home’s roof and structural framing for areas that may be infested with wood borers.

Once the inspection is completed and the treatment is completed, the company will contact you to schedule a follow-up inspection to make sure that all of the insect infestation has been completely eliminated. You should expect the company to clean up all of the wood or carpeting waste or debris that was left behind after the treatment process. This waste should be thrown out or removed if at all possible and never taken inside the home.

Once Bug King completes its inspection and treatment, you can count on Bug King to remove or treat any wood or carpeting that was treated as soon as possible to make sure that the infestation does not occur again. This will help keep your home free from insects once the infestation has been completely eliminated.

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